About CPFA

Concerned Persons for Adoption (CPFA) is a member-based New Jersey non-profit organization, founded over 40 years ago as a support group for anyone concerned with adoption. We stand proudly united under the principle reflected in our motto "Every Child Deserves a Family."

Over these many years we have continued to excel in three areas: as an independent support group, as an advocacy group, and as an educational resource for New Jersey and beyond.

From the beginning, CPFA defined itself as an advocacy group. To further that goal, we are associated with the North American Council on Adoptable Children (NACAC), have lobbied for and helped draft state and federal legislation and are a member of the New Jersey Child Protection and Permanency (DCP &P) formerly DYFS Advisory Committee.

As an educational entity, our history is long and impressive. Our large annual “Let’s Talk Adoption” sm Conference of parents and professionals has gained a national reputation for excellence. Our smaller Spring Conference includes workshops for children and has quickly become very popular. These, our social events, and our adoption book club continue to fulfill our mission to educate and support families both pre- and post-adoption.

All of this work has not gone unnoticed. Our all-volunteer board members are acknowledged experts within the adoption community and have received numerous awards including, The North American Council on Adoptable Children's (NACAC) Adoption Activist in 1995 awarded posthumously to Janet Levin, The NACAC "Support Group of the Year" award in 2002, and most recently, the Angel in Adoption Award presented to our board members Pat Bennett, Anna Marie O'Loughlin, Jo-Ann Tatz, Dana Fried, Kathleen Strakosch Walz, Wendy Paladini, Lynn Riker, and Janet Pollio by the U.S. Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute.

As the world of adoption continues to grow and become more complex, most of us have found that locating sources of information and support has significantly contributed to the success of our adoptions. We at CPFA are eager to share our successes and so are here to offer to others our support, experiences, knowledge and friendship.

Please accept our sincerest invitation to join us.